Finca de la Viña

Tis is the ideal place for someone to get away from it all and live in a comfortable house in the mountains and become self-sufficient in every way. The finca is located in the Sierra Nevada natural park 4 km. from the village of Nigüelas, in a sunny spot at an altitude of 1400 m, reached by the tracks that lead to the Sierra de Durcal and also along the road that leads to the Nigüelas mountain range. It takes a normal vehicle with high clearance about 20 minutes to get up to the cortijo and half that to get back down again. The condition of the track is fine for most of the year, in rainy periods it gets a little worse, but then the city council re-grades it as well as doing this a couple of times a year as a general rule. It I always passable with a 4×4 vehicle.
If there is snow, the road is not usually cut for more than half a day since it is in a sunny area and does not receive frost.
The farmhouse is divided into the following areas according to the deeds:
(1) Urban area which occupies the house and its surroundings.
(2) A sports area occupying the area of the pool
(3) Agricultural Area
Vineyard, Olives, Truffles, threshing floor and various fruit trees.
The House:
Consists of a ground floor, first floor and mezzanine.
The main floor and mezzanine consists of 2 bedrooms which can sleep more than 9 people. There is a bathroom and fully fitted kitchen with marble sink, a hob with oven, a butane fridge and storage space. There is an open-plan lounge/dining area with a central glass fireplace.
The ground floor has two double bedrooms and a bathroom, large living area with fireplace and kitchen with sink and countertops.
This level is commonly used as a garage/workshop with the two bedrooms for extra family members to stay. It has a large garage doorway to allow vehicle access.
Bathroom outside.
Kitchen / Barbecue in the terrace area which is covered, where there is a marble sink, a barbecue and barbecue grill.
A large terrace runs around two sides of the house from where you can see the Rio Torrente valley, the Caballo mountain peak and the town of Nigüelas.
In the front of the house is a three-century old holm oak that gives shade out to a diameter of 20 m. a garden, a fountain, and various trees.
The entire finca has ecological certification.
The vineyard was planted after a study of the climate and the soil to specify which vines would be best suited to the climate, the soil and the altitude. It now being one of the highest vineyards in Spain, with 800 plants in full production, giving in good years more of 2,500 kg. of grapes from five different varieties that complement each other, all ripening at the same time. The cortijo comes with all the machinery and accessories to manufacture the wine, stainless steel drums, de-stemmer, press, pump Cork transfer, as well as its own well-known brand name.
Many mycorrhizal oaks for black truffles were planted five years ago.
Other plants: Almonds, figs, pomegranates, olives, apricot, cherry, chestnut, walnut, apples and more.
It has its own water that is gravity fed from through a mine dug 15m into the mountain which has been analysed as suitable for consumption,
There is a buried water deposit of 3000 l. for the drinking water and independent installations for drinking and irrigation water. There is drip irrigation and various control points throughout the finca.
Electricity is by photovoltaic solar panels with petrol generator for back-up, with all the accessories and installations for 220 v. supply in the house.
An underground ecological septic tank. It is possible to use the outflow water for irrigation as it is clean and devoid of odours.
The location of the farmhouse is special, because it is inside the Rio Torrente valley and surrounded by high mountains, the climate is very benign, as the cold North wind does not enter the valley. The winds that arrives from the coast are quite temperate, making the temperatures 2 or 3 degrees warmer than in the town in winter time, even though it is at 1,500 m. Measurements have been taken over several years and temperatures of 2 or 3 degrees below zero have only been recorded on two or three days throughout the year.
In the upper part of the farm, is a totally flat plot of almost 3,000 m2 as well as some ruins.
The farm is fenced in its entirety.

Other properties

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Casa Sabine

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