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About Us

Lecrin Valley Property is a properly registered Limited Company dedicated to the sale of houses, land and all types of property in the Lecrin Valley and is run by Carmen Gallego and Ron Potter. Our office is in Melegís in the centre of the beautiful Lecrin Valley. We are ideally situated in this little known area of Granada Province, less than three quarters of an hour from the ski-slopes of the Sierra Nevada; half an hour from the majestic Alpujarras nature reserve, (the inspiration for so many British writers,) and the same distance to the little known but aptly named Mediterranean Costa Tropical. It is an easy motorway drive of not more than an hour and three quarters from Malaga airport, or twenty-five minutes from Granada´s newly proclaimed international airport, serving London and Liverpool.

The people

Carmen is from Asturias in the north of Spain. Fed up with the incessant rain in that province and longing for a sunny climate, but also loving the lush greenery of her native north, she found in the Valle de Lecrín the best of both worlds. Like her native Asturias, the Lecrin Valley has abundant water, but here it runs prettily along centuries old irrigation channels used to sustain the lush orange and lemon groves, it doesn´t descend daily from the heavens. There is an abundance of sun, but the coastal humidity is distilled here by two thousand feet of altitude, providing some of the purest air in Europe. This is what called her away from her previous life as a Doctor working in pharmaceutical companies in Asturias and Madrid.

Ron is originally from London, and after leaving home at fifteen and spending the next thirty years travelling and working around the world at the Queen´s expense, he decided that of all the countries he had visited, the place he wanted to settle was here in El Valle. The openness of the people, the slow and measured pace of life, the closeness to the ski resorts atop the Sierra Nevada and the beaches of the Mediterranean sea, all combined to convince his once restless spirit to put down roots here. Having restored houses in the Cotswolds, run his own thatching business in the UK, and having been involved in new-build and restoration projects here in the Valley of Happiness, as the Moors so aptly named it, he has finally found what he didn´t know he was looking for.

Carmen and Ron have an established a network of friends, friends of friends, and relatives of friends, who keep them informed of all types of property and land that are coming up for sale. Many of these have a fascinating history and nearly all have a name which tells a story in itself. The local mayor is determined not to let the valley fall prey to the overbuilding of the coast, and restricts the availability of new-build land vigorously. His policy is to have the village houses sensitively restored and the integrity of the villages protected, rather than have them fall into decay whilst ugly new estates spring up in the countryside. He is fully conscious of the delicate balance between the ancient agricultural inheritance of the valley and the need to come gently into the 21st century, and we at Lecrin Valley Property wholeheartedly endorse his policies, working hard to achieve the best possible balance between the two. Thanks to his efforts the area of El Valle, which comprises the three villages at the centre of the Lecrin Valley, has just been declared a Site of Cultural Interest which can only enhance the area as a whole.

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