Last updated on August 17th, 2023 at 10:54 am

Project consulting

Our mantra is to help you to live your dream and therefore we feel it is not enough to just sell you a property and leave you to your own devices to struggle in a new country. We can assist you with:

Putting you in contact with a local solicitor who can guide you through the legal process of buying in Spain.
Getting you an NIE, which is necessary to carry our any financial transactions in Spain and gives you residency rights.
Finding a bank that suits you, for example with staff that speak your language or is close to your new property.
Helping with medical advice, explaining how the Spanish system works and what you are and aren’t entitled to.
Helping you to learn Spanish, either in our own school or with other schools or independent teachers. This is a must to help you integrate with the local people and share their stories and expertise in all things Andaluce.
Helping you to transfer electricity, water and other utility bills into your name and set up standing orders to pay them.
Arrange to have wi-fi installed and advising on the best system for your house and the best local installers.

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