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Casa Alison

Saleres (Lecrin Valley)

This was our first project.  We had coveted a piece of land next to our house in Saleres to use as a garden for some time, and one evening we met the owner who agreed, after Carmen charmed her off her feet, to sell it to us.  When we came to register it we found that a five metre strip of the land, in an ‘L’ shape was building land, so Carmen decided to build a house there.  After obtaining the relevant permissions she started the build using local builders.  The streets to the land were very narrow and the excavations for the foundations and for the pool had to be taken to the main square by a small dumper truck.  It took less than a year to build a three-bedroomed house with a pool and cloisters to one side, including planning and the actual construction.  The views were fantastic from the garden and even better from the two roof terraces.

We sold the house to fund another new-build for ourselves and the on the new owners’ instructions, Carmen started a project to cover the roof terraces to make a very nice salon upstairs which they now use as an office and also to relax.  Again we used our teams of local builders and the result was wonderful.  The views from there are fantastic and I am only a little bit jealous that we did not do this ourselves.


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